Day 24


Day 24
July 17
Bodega Bay –> San Francisco
75 Miles

LAST DAY. We woke up and pressed on towards our final destination. Most of the ride was relatively flat through rural areas.  We stopped in Point Reyes Station for coffee and delicious baked goods from Bovine Bakery. It appeared that taking Hwy 1 would avoid lots of turns close to San Francisco and we debated taking that even though the route showed a different way. A local informed us that hwy 1 near San Francisco, although along the scenic coastline, was dangerously windy and we decided to stick to the designated pacific coast route.

The route had turns every couple of miles once we were close to the city and unfortunately we were all separated. Diane cycled with a local named Charlie who was out on ride to the bridge and offered to show her the way. Jess was separated from Kari, Doug and Thomas and after an extra handful of miles found her way back to the group. We all met up a few miles before the ending point and tackled the traffic to get to the big anticipated bridge.

Biking across the 3 mile long Golden Gate Bridge was something we had all thought about throughout the entire trip. This was our final destination and crossing this internationally recognized civil engineering marvel harvested feelings we cannot describe. It actually required lots of concentration and manuvering ability due to oncoming cyclist and pedestrian traffic as well as strong winds. Whenever we had to go around a pillar, we would turn 90 degrees into the strong wind and then back 90 degrees being cautious not to run into anything or lose control.

At the end of the bridge we took pictures and thought about the end of our trip — although we knew it would not sink in for a while afterwards. We biked to our hostel, climbed on the roof and looked out at the city. We ate burgers, fries and milkshakes down the street from our hostel and enjoyed sleeping in a bed knowing we would not be packing our bikes the next morning.

We made it! 1080 miles from Tacoma, WA to San Francisco, CA. 🙂


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