Day 23


Day 23
July 16th

Salt Point State Park –> Bodega Bay Dunes (Sonoma Coast State Park)
29 Miles

Today’s ride had some of the windiest roads we’ve ever encountered.  Its fun, but sometimes stressful on a bike.  When you’re riding downhill around a 180 degree curve and are surprised by a large uphill, shifting gears in time can be difficult.

We stopped in the town of Jenner and had coffee and snacks at an interesting coffee shop that overlooked a calm lake.  It was very peaceful, although the coffee shop was playing loud techno music which Kari and Diane agreed did not fit the vibe of this quiet setting.

We arrived in Bodega Bay, set up our campsite and biked a mile to town.   Our main goal was fries and milkshakes and we settled (or upgraded) to fries and beer.  Tonight was our last night camping on the trip.  Tomorrow we would arrive in San Francisco and couldn’t believe how fast it had gone. We rested up and prepared to ride the last 70 miles of our trip.


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