Day 22


Day 22
July 15th

40 Miles

KOA near Manchester –> Salt Point State Park

We woke up to rain, foggy and cold weather. 4 miles into the ride we stopped at the Lighthouse Inn for breakfast. We all joked about checking into a hotel and watching TV, and Diane was pretty serious about the idea. Instead we continued biking through the fog. When the fog cleared, a strong headwind blew at our faces. We decided today that biking into a headwind is the worst thing ever. You’re giving it your all and going 7 mph on a flat road. Going uphill is that much more difficult, and the downhills aren’t even enjoyable.

The funny thing about today, is that if you look at the elevation in todays ride – the stretch of 40 miles is probably the flattest part of the whole coast. And of course it is one of the toughest rides because of the strong headwind. We were surrounded by farmland and no cell service and just wanted to get to the campsite.

We eventually got to the campsite and sat down at the picnic table and fantasized about fries and milkshakes and buffets full of food. We ate granola bars and went to check out the beach. Hiking down 2 miles, we arrived at a beautiful coastal view all to ourselves. It was magical, and all the negative thoughts about the day were gone. We sat on the rocks and looked out at the ocean and relaxed. The hike back up to the campsite was filled with thoughts of food and sleep and followed by making dinner and getting in our sleeping bags.


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