Day 20

Day 20

July 13th

Standish Hickey –> MacKerricher State Park (2 mi N of Ft. Bragg)

42 Miles

‘The Leggett Hill’

The hill we climbed this morning was the most anticipated hill on the whole route. The elevation at the top reached 1800 ft making it the highest hill on the pacific coast.  With all of the hype, we dominated this hill thinking it would be more difficult than it was.  It took concentration, perseverance, strong legs and motivation, but we all arrived at the top ready for more climbing.  The downhill was amazing.  It was so long we got cold on the way down and had to stop to put more layers on.  The bottom of the hill greeted us with another 500 ft climb that led us to the coast and the town of Westport.  We stopped for snacks before continuing on. 

The rest of the ride had lots of ascending and descending on a windy road with a decent amount of traffic.  We stayed at MacKerricher State Park, and spent the afternoon on the beach.  Jess was dared to jump in the pacific and she was in the water in no time.  We made dinner and called it a night.



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