Day 19

Day 19
July 12th

Humboldt State Park –> Standish Hickey State Park

49 miles

The morning ride was relatively flat through the redwoods.  We got back on highway 101 briefly and climbed a few hills before stopping for breakfast at a local diner in Garberville.  We ran into a few of the other biking groups in town.  After breakfast we grabbed groceries for the next two days and continued on the ride.

The rest of the day involved a lot of climbing and more traffic than we would have liked.  Diane saw an RV with Illinois license plates parked on the shoulder and got so excited she waved to the guy in the driver seat. When she saw him wearing a University of Illinois baseball cap she was even more excited.  

We arrived at the campsite and hiked down to the swimming hole.  It was saturday afternoon so this area was filled with kids and families swimming. In fact, our campsite happened to be right next to a loud family reunion that was quite noisy.  We didnt let it stop us from resting up for the next day. 


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