Day 15



Day 15

July 8th


Redwood National Park –> Patricks Point State Park

50 Miles

Today is what we refer to as ‘EPIC DAY’.  Last night Doug said that this would be the day we would tell people about when they asked about the trip – he was right.  We ‘got the earlybird worm’ and climbed 600 ft out of the campsite to reach the route.  The descent from the top of the hill was amazing – we were going so fast through the redwoods with fog emerging through the tall trees.  The fog increased during our descent which made Diane nervous about our visibility to traffic.  Kari said it felt like a video game descending down the winding road in the fog.  It felt magical to ride through the redwoods when the morning fog rolled through.

We saw a large Paul Bunyan statue and stopped at the gift shop and cafe next to the statue.  After our second breakfast and multiple cups of coffee, we continued through the redwoods.  The rest of the ride involved lots more climbing and redwoods.  The last few miles before the campsite seemed particularly difficult with lots of steep uphills with a large climb at the very end.  

We arrived at the campsite and after setting up tents retreated to the beach.  We were delighted to find a seemingly private beach high above the water overlooking rock islands and a dramatic and beautiful coastline.  It was so peaceful and quiet.  We watched sea lions, birds, listened to the waves and took in all that surrounded us.  Listening to guitar music played by Xochi, a fellow cyclist, we watched the sun slowly creep into the water and had an epic ending to an epic day. 


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