Day 10

imageimageimageimage image imageDay 10
Honeyman state park –> sunset beach state park
Miles: 54

We got on the road early with Thomas and Doug this morning. There was a lot of holiday weekend traffic on the roads. It got scary at times when big trucks and RV’s would go by. Must stay focused! The view wasn’t very exciting, it was boring highway riding the whole time.

Once we arrived at our little hiker/biker campsite it was awesome. These hiker biker sites are off in our own little nook away from the other camper crowds. There was a little beach nearby that we went to and fell asleep on the beach. The sun felt amazing. We cooked a family dinner of spaghetti and red wine. We also got to stay up late! Great night with Doug and Thomas 🙂


One thought on “Day 10

  1. Vandy

    I am so proud of you girls!! What an adventure an experience of a lifetime that you will never forget!! I am also glad that you have met and are riding with Doug and Thomas. Wow you are traveling quickly down your path! You must be exhausted! Love you all and can’t wait to read the next blog and see more pictures!!


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