Day 4

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Columbia river –> Astoria, Oregon
Miles: 42
Written by: Kari

Today was a monumental day! We made it into Oregon! We got an early start out of our campsite around 8am. It was a bit misty out but it felt nice along the uphills. 10 miles in we made it to the ferry to enter into Oregon. We ran into our biker friends, Thomas and Doug at the grocery store and stopped at a coffee shop to wait for the next ferry.

Oregon welcomed us with a huge 3 mile hill which we tackled with Thomas and Doug. The weather today was very confused. It would be sunny one minute, misting the next and cold another. We are working on finding the right clothes to wear for these mixed temperatures. We arrived in the cute town of Astoria, OR and stayed at the Lamplighter motel right in town. We rode our bikes to have dinner at a brewery called the Wet Dog. We all got burgers and they tasted soo good!


4 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Lynn George

    You guys are definitely heroes in my book.
    Speaking of book. Love the diary of your adventure.
    Love you all,
    Aunt Lynn

  2. Susan

    Unbelievably exciting reading about your travels so far ! You girls are Amazing ! This should be published into a book .
    Love you all ! Can’t wait to read about day 5
    Love Aunt Suzy xxoo

  3. Peggy

    Thanks for all the great posts and terrific photos. Your smiles says everything!! Thanks for sharing this incredible adventure. Way to crank out the miles….
    Keep on truckin and smell all the roses!!


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