Day 3

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Day 3
Louis & Clark to Columbia river –>
Miles today: 48
Total miles: 134
Written by: the lovely Kari

We got a later start this morning because we were a bit tired and it was raining. We ended up leaving around 11am. We had a beautiful and easy 20 mile ride in the morning. We passed through eerie country flat roads where we got chased by a few dogs.

We stopped to take a picture/ selfie / snack break and quickly realized we were being circled by anxious birds so we split fast. Soon after, we encountered some large and winding hills. We took breaks when needed and kept each other motivated through these hills. The last 10 miles we rode along the Columbia river on a fairly busy road. The cars were zooming past us but the view was rewarding.

When we arrived at our campsite the sun welcomed us and we were relieved to set up camp and relax. We had a beautiful site right along the river. We cooked rice and beans and all climbed into the tent early.


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