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Day 7

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Day 7
Cape Lookout –> Pacific City
Miles: 16

This morning we decided to take a leisure morning and enjoy our beautiful campsite. We woke up later than usual and cooked breakfast and drank a lot of coffee. We had a 3 mile long uphill that was pretty challenging, but were rewarded by beers on the beach with Thomas and Doug. We had (lots) of pizza for dinner with them and then stayed in a Pacific city Inn motel right in town.


Day 6

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Day 6

52 miles. Cannon Beach –> Cape Lookout

Written by Jess

Today was a wonderful day. We all woke up with full of energy and determination to knock down 50 miles. 1/4 on our way to our journey, we stopped in a little town called Nehalem for trail mix and power bars. After about 25 miles riding from that town, we stopped in a place called Tillamook, to restock on dinner supplies. At the Safeway grocery, two guys were grilling baby back ribs for $5.99. Jess was so excited she almost fell off her bike. She bought two racks. After a long break in Tillamook, we pushed our last 15 miles to Cape Lookout State Park. When we got there, we ran into our biker friends Thomas and Doug! It was exciting.

Cape Lookout State Park is the best campsite to date. It sat right on the Pacific Ocean, where long walks on the beach and ultimate relaxation took place. We had red pepper quinoa for dinner- it was delicious!

Day 5




Day 5

Astoria to Cannon Beach
Miles Today: 30

We woke up in beds and didn’t have to take down a wet tent and stuff it on our bikes. The ride out of Astoria was beautiful, we climbed a hill and had a spectacular view of the city before crossing a bridge into rural scenery. Through the Lewis and Clark forest, we found ourselves slowing to 5 mph with our legs burning and knew we had some hills to get over. Although today was only 30 miles, there were lots of hills and the rainy/cloudy weather made this ride tough.

20 miles into the ride we stopped at a coffee shop in Seaside, OR. We happened to be in town for the Miss Oregon parade and watched it as we sipped our coffee. As we got back on our bikes, we rode along the coast on a popular boardwalk full of people enjoying their Saturday. It was interesting that the weather was cloudy/rainy/cold and it didnt stop the crowds of people from enjoying the beach. We rode on to Cannon Beach, a small touristy town on the coast with lots of shops and restaurants. We stopped at a grocery store and souvenir shop, and after being stared at like aliens in the stores, we rode to our campsite. Our campsite was a secluded spot surrounded by tall trees – beautiful. We drank a beer, ate dinner and got in our sleeping bags.

Day 4

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Columbia river –> Astoria, Oregon
Miles: 42
Written by: Kari

Today was a monumental day! We made it into Oregon! We got an early start out of our campsite around 8am. It was a bit misty out but it felt nice along the uphills. 10 miles in we made it to the ferry to enter into Oregon. We ran into our biker friends, Thomas and Doug at the grocery store and stopped at a coffee shop to wait for the next ferry.

Oregon welcomed us with a huge 3 mile hill which we tackled with Thomas and Doug. The weather today was very confused. It would be sunny one minute, misting the next and cold another. We are working on finding the right clothes to wear for these mixed temperatures. We arrived in the cute town of Astoria, OR and stayed at the Lamplighter motel right in town. We rode our bikes to have dinner at a brewery called the Wet Dog. We all got burgers and they tasted soo good!

Day 3

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Day 3
Louis & Clark to Columbia river –>
Miles today: 48
Total miles: 134
Written by: the lovely Kari

We got a later start this morning because we were a bit tired and it was raining. We ended up leaving around 11am. We had a beautiful and easy 20 mile ride in the morning. We passed through eerie country flat roads where we got chased by a few dogs.

We stopped to take a picture/ selfie / snack break and quickly realized we were being circled by anxious birds so we split fast. Soon after, we encountered some large and winding hills. We took breaks when needed and kept each other motivated through these hills. The last 10 miles we rode along the Columbia river on a fairly busy road. The cars were zooming past us but the view was rewarding.

When we arrived at our campsite the sun welcomed us and we were relieved to set up camp and relax. We had a beautiful site right along the river. We cooked rice and beans and all climbed into the tent early.

Day 2


Day 2

Olympia, WA –> Louis and Clark State Park

Miles Today: 49

Total: 85

Written by Jess

We woke up feeling refreshed and energized at Barbara’s house. Barbara made us this wonderful breakfast of fresh yogurt homemade granola, and coffee which was fantastic. After we grabbed our bikes we noticed Jess’s bike making a horrendous humming noise that was thankfully fixed after a few miles down the road plus a phone call repairing the noise. Diane lost her wallet 10 miles down the road, which was a minor set back, but Diane was a positive trooper about it the entire time and kept the good vibes rolling. It was sunny and the ride was flat and smooth for 30 miles.

Then we reached an incline that truly tested our strength. We all had a much needed rest stop at the top of the hill, and had an even better ride down hill, going 30-45 mph. Along the way to camp we made our first biker friend, Thomas from Paris! He was going to the same campsite as well, and we all ended up riding there together. We camped at Lewis and Clark state park (which is beautiful!! Dense in forestry). We met other bikers doing our similar route, getting more information on others experiences. We threw back a few a beers (fat tires) with them. Jess made mac and cheese for dinner.

Day 1

Day One

Tacoma, WA –> Olympia, WA

35 miles

We began today in Tacoma after staying at Lisa & Paul’s apartment – we can’t thank them enough for giving us a way to start fresh on our trip! We only had to go down the block to encounter our first hill – and this one was extra steep. The first 10 miles flew by as we passed residential areas south of Tacoma. We left residential areas and arrived at a row of evergreens that lined the road bordering Fort Lewis Military Base. We witnessed what must have been military training and heard loud gunshots with glimpses of practicing soldiers. A large grassy area surrounded by trees called to us for a break, and we sat and ate lunch.

The rest of the ride included windy, hilly roads with lots of trees and bright green scenery.  At the top of one of the bigger hills we passed a cherry stand and bought some of the fresh fruit.  The guy said a biker who had stopped by earlier was also headed to California.

We arrived at Barbara’s around 5.  Barbara was a delightful host that cooked chicken and potatoes for dinner, told us her life stories of traveling the world and building a boat she lived on for 11 years and made us excited for the rest of our adventure.